Inner City & East Bristol Locality Partner
Map of region

About us

Our vision is to reduce health inequalities for the people who live in Inner City and East Bristol.

What guides us?

  • The individual – first and last!
  • Use Transformative Coproduction – Those closest to the problem are actively involved in designing, delivery and decision- making
  • Deliver at the margins – Support specialist provision by funding small, grassroots organisations that are trusted by those most marginilsed
  • Invest in social model of health – Core determinants of health, holistic approach, preventative/ proactive support
  • Use personalised Care – What matters to you, not what is the matter with you
  • Unearthing our mental models/biases 
  • Appreciate we are in a complex system and use Continous Learning – Understanding the  inter-dependencies within ecosystem/place by having ‘real-time’ feedback, space for sense-making, and funding for test and learn.
  • Always start with what the community can do for itself 
  • Integration – Between statutory services and with VCSFE –  a partnership of voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisation

The team

The logos here show the organisations that make up our Partnership. Over the last 18 months partners have been working to establish the ICE Bristol Locality Partnership and its work. Each partner has, and will continue to, play a central part in this new way of working

The locality

What is ICE Locality Partnership?

The ICE Bristol Locality Partnership is a collection of organisations from general practice, social care, council, community services, hospitals, voluntary sector organisations, that will help to better integrate health and social care.

The ICE Bristol Locality Partnership is one of six localities across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Our locality covers areas from Broadmead, Lawrence Hill, Barton Hill, Easton, and Fishponds.

Locality Partnerships present an exciting opportunity for health and care providers to re-think, re-design and reinvigorate the way services are delivered so that they wrap around the person focusing on what matters to them. To help them achieve this, Locality Partnerships will use a population health management approach which looks at the wider determinants of health such as social and economic factors affecting health, and most importantly the voice of their people, to understand and address the needs of its population.

The map below shows the GP practices in the ICE Locality Partnership